The Averist EP

by The Averist

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released April 25, 2015



all rights reserved


The Averist Frederick, Maryland

The Averist brings your ears a tastefully bone-crushing blend of prog metal, deathcore, djent, and tech metal to the underground scene.

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Track Name: KFBR-392
Something dwells deep inside me
A rage hellbent on its escape
And though I try to fight It's pull
The words keep slipping out
Its tactic is attrition
The ink dries on the final page

I feel alone in this world
You defiled all I love
And thus created me

I want you to suffer
feel the overwhelming grief
the seeds were planted and have began to sprout the leaves
casting a shadow on me
lying in the darkness I feel alive
but as i scour my mind
all I see fit is to ensure that your reign subsides
you will not survive this night

Why can't I calm my mind
reliving the memories of days once gone by
It's been so long and I've
forgotten the nightmare calling through halls of time

Why can't I calm my mind
reliving the memories of days once gone by

It's been so long and I've
Forgotten the extent of your plight
of your plight

I want you to suffer
feel an overwhelming grief
What was planted has withered and died don’t you see
what's so plain to me
I am a disease
I spread with impunity
Breaking the barrier to greed
I want to watch you suffer
Track Name: Out of Despair
You and me cant stand to be in the same room anymore.
A clash of ideals breaking me down to my core.
Oh puppeteer who draws me near enough to lose my sight.
I sense the weakness from you as you run from this fight.

You hold me to impossible standards.
Just demonize me. Say I mistaken again.

You refuse to see the strides that I've made in my life.
God forbid a single mistake was made.

Why must I constantly fight?
I know that I'm right this hole just gets deeper.
Lets see how deep it goes.



How can I just stand aside while you drag me through the mud?
I wont let you soil my good name.

Leave being the broken past.
Look forward to making this life last.
Dwelling on what can't be changed.
You must think that I'm deranged to accept this fate.

You don't even know who i am anymore.
Ive been forced to find myself alone.
If you just tried to understand
Maybe you could see what everyone else see's.

Free fall into the pit of anguish again.

I can't even stand it.
The breaking point has come upon us.
Forever corrupt.
Track Name: Misfortune
what makes the green grass grow?
Blood. Blood. Blood.

Soldier of misfortune come and take my hand.
I'll lead you into the broken promise land.
Our forces lead astray by all the men in power.
Thousands of young men dying for these cowards.

Even if we fall straight down to the floor, I would not put it past us to get back up again and ask for more.
Misfortune comes in waves.
But true patriots will come and meet to fight for freedom even in the end of days.

So we ask. (waves)
What makes.

What makes the green grass grow?
Blood. Blood. Blood.

They all sacrifice for you.
Laying their lives down just to provide a life thats true.
Opportunity and freedom have come at a cost.
It seems the only thing making life purer is blood.
Track Name: Burden
Life and all it’s consequences are crashing down around me
Separation from the ones that I used to love
Distances so great that even no god could traverse it in time to save the life of what once was such a huge part of my mistaken identity

-I am the great divider bringing life into the space between moments in time where you can’t figure out just who you are


break me into millions of pieces just to reform again
what have I become

and how long

how long can i
withstand the weight of this world on my shoulders
my sacrifice
has left me broken alone and forgotten

life has wrought devastation on my family ties
it’s like they’re blind
unwilling to see what I have made and what I seek to become
in this life


how long must i
withstand the burden placed upon me
selfish desires

for yourself no remorse for the crimes that
you committed against a man
so lost in himself he cannot stand
withered away have those bonds we shared
never to reform again
Track Name: Paracel
A storm is blowing in
The strength to carry on is wearing thin
and the waves may be crashing around me
but I will carry on

standing for what I believe in
a dream a fantasy called life
and with the change of the season
I will adapt and overcome

drowning is not an option
though staying above the tide is difficult
The winds are cutting straight through me
but I will not fall to this the storm of the century

Towers come crashing down
Debris threatens to take us out
But we will hold on to what we have claimed

we have claimed this land for the rights of the just
and we’ll keep fighting off the stain of selfish lust

standing for what I believe in
a dream a fantasy called life
and with the change of the season
I will adapt and overcome

falling is not an option
we will stand tall as brothers in arms
with a raise of our rifles
We'll dispatch tyranny

We seek

Will fall at our knees
Breathe deep
we will be free
Crush the opposing fleet
Beneath our feet
Rise to meet the needs
Of all those held down
You'll see
The light shining through the haze
For we are the end
That justifies the means
During the storm of the century

We seek